There are eight main weapons in Murder Miners. They include as of 6-25-13: The

Some have special abilities that others do not. Certain hosts can ban the use of certain weapons and grenades, if not all. Melee is the only weapon that cannot be banned as it is hand-to-hand combat.

Weapons in Map Making ModeEdit

Most weapons have some sort of special ability in Map Making mode. They will be listed here:

  • Miner Gun: Infinite ammo on placing blocks and destroying them, faster destruction. Blaster still burns ammo.
  • Machine Gun: Bottomless clip, drops rapid fire and gains grenade launcher.
  • Shotgun: Bottomless clip, keeps its ability
  • Sniper: Bottomless clip, ability to destroy spheres along with creating spheres in different sizes
  • Pistol: Bottomless clip
  • Hookshot: Slightly faster recharge
  • Battle Rifle: 3 burst round, 1x scope
  • Energy Sword: Melee Weapon, air sprint