Selectable at Spawn Yes
Rate of Fire Unknown
Effective Range Medium-Very Long
Reload Time Unknown
Magazine Size 4
Starting Ammo 12
Maximum Ammo 27
Ammo Regeneration None

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The Sniper (also called Sniper Rifle) is a powerful long-range weapon intended for scoping out enemies to kill them. It takes two shots to the body or one shot to the head to kill an opposing player. Sniper shots leave a smoke trail in the air, pointing to the shooter's location.

The sniper has a scope with two levels of zoom. Pressing the alt fire button switches between these modes.

Map Making Mode Edit

In Map Making Mode, the Sniper can be used to create spheres out of the block type currently selected on the minergun, or destroy spherical areas. Pressing the Special Alt Fire button will allow you to choose from several sizes of sphere to create or destroy.

The Sniper, like all weapons, also features a bottomless clip in map making mode.


  • Sniper weapons work best against enemies in open areas or in long hallways where movement is restricted.
  • Despite the weapon's appearance and name, it can be a surprisingly effective close-range weapon. It is 100% accurate even when not zoomed in, making hip-firing a viable choice. A single shot to break the shields followed immediately by a melee attack can kill an enemy very quickly at close range.

Trivia Edit

  • The Sniper is capable of killing a fully-shielded enemy with a single headshot, making it potentially the fastest damage-dealing weapon in the game along with the OP Sniper.
  • Like many weapons in Murder Miners, the Sniper is heavily inspired by a similar weapon from the Halo series.