Selectable at Spawn Yes
Rate of Fire Unknown
Effective Range Close
Reload Time 1.04 seconds
Magazine Size 6
Starting Ammo 12
Maximum Ammo 24
Ammo Regeneration None

The Shotgun is a close quarters combat weapon that fires a spread of several small pellets. The pellets are weak on their own, but are capable of killing an enemy or destroying most blocks in one shot, as long as all the pellets in the shot hit. It packs massive damage at point-blank range, but is mediocre past medium range.

The shotgun also features a camouflage ability. When activated, the user will be disguised as a 3x3 group of blocks. The camouflage is buggy as it can switch from one block to another and back to the first block. If the map supports weapon spawns, it may be obtained this way.

Map Making Mode Edit

The shotgun has no special abilities in Map Making Mode.

Strategy Edit

  • The shotgun is best at close range.
  • The camouflage ability works best when standing still.
  • If an enemy is chasing you, try running out of sight and activating your camouflage. When the enemy follows you, jump out and ambush him.
  • You can fly if you enable rapid fire and infinite ammo then aim down, simply because of the knock back that launches you up into the sky.

Trivia Edit

  • The shotgun is the only weapon besides the Minergun Blaster that has knockback.
  • The shotgun is arguably one of the most popular weapons in the game.