Selectable at Spawn Yes
Rate of Fire Unknown
Effective Range Close-Long
Reload Time Unknown
Magazine Size 10
Starting Ammo 36
Maximum Ammo 45
Ammo Regeneration None

The Pistol is a starting weapon that can be used to scope opposing players out or as an assault weapon. It can be good as a secondary to a sniper but not recommended as a primary (unless it is the only weapon enabled). If the map supports weapon spawns, it may be obtained this way.

Map Making Mode Edit

The pistol behaves the same way in Map Making Mode as it does in normal gameplay. The only difference is that it, like all weapons in Map Making Mode, will never need to be reloaded.

Strategies Edit

  • The pistol is capable of killing an opponent in 3 headshots.
  • The pistol fires more quickly than the Battle Rifle, but is less forgiving of missed shots.

Trivia Edit

  • The Pistol is heavily based off the Pistol from Halo: Combat Evolved. Like the Halo pistol, the Murder Miners pistol features a scope and is capable of killing an opponent in 3 headshots.