OP Sniper
Selectable at Spawn No
Rate of Fire Unknown
Effective Range Medium-Very Long
Reload Time Unknown
Magazine Size 4
Starting Ammo 12
Maximum Ammo 27
Ammo Regeneration None

The OP Sniper is a white reskin of the basic Sniper Rifle. Its crosshair is the same size as the normal sniper while zoomed in, regardless if you are scoped on the OP Sniper. This paired with the increased firing rate makes it a direct upgrade to the basic Sniper Rifle. However, the OP Sniper can only be acquired if the map has spawn points for it. It also has a comedic feature, changing the normal white bullet trail to a rainbow, which can potentially give your location away easier. The ammunition for OP Sniper and the basic Sniper Rifle are not compatible.