Selectable at Spawn Yes
Rate of Fire N/A
Effective Range Short-Medium
Reload Time N/A
Magazine Size 100
Starting Ammo 100
Maximum Ammo 100
Ammo Regeneration 10 per second

Miner GunEdit

The Miner Gun is a mainly utility weapon that is used to place and destroy blocks. It has 2 different modes, which can be switched between by using Mouse 3.

Build Mode: Edit

Allows the user to place blocks of their choice, which can be selected from the menu displayed of the gun. Blocks can be placed either FLOAT (floating in mid air), FACE ( attached to a block)., and LINE (stack blocks in a line)

If the server has Map Making Mode enabled, another building function is available, FILL (replaces blocks of the same type touching the block you are facing with the selected block)

Destroy Mode: Edit

Allows the user to destroy blocks of their choice. There are 4 modes, SINGLE (for destroying single blocks), TRIPLE (for destroying a row of 3 vertical blocks), NONUPLE (which destroys a 3x3x3 cube), and BLASTER (which, after a charge, shoots a projectile that can explode blocks with about the same force as a grenade).

Mobility: Edit

By charging a BLASTER shot to Red, firing at your feet, and jumping simultaneously, a player can generate an effect similar to rocket jumping. The player will take some damage, but travel a substantial vertical distance.

As a weapon: Edit

The Miner Gun as a weapon does sub-par damage, and requires a closer range to inflict it. The BLASTER ability, if fully charged, is an instant kill if you manage to hit an enemy. Considering all of this, it is mainly used as utility or as a troll pick.

Other notes: Edit

-If a block is locked on the map, it cannot be tampered with through use of the gun.

-When a player joins a server, block editing is disabled, temporarily inhibiting the Miner Gun from placing and destroying blocks.

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