Machine Gun
Selectable at Spawn Yes
Rate of Fire Unknown
Effective Range Short-Medium
Reload Time Unknown
Magazine Size 36
Starting Ammo 108
Maximum Ammo 216
Ammo Regeneration None

The Machine Gun is a fully automatic weapon. It features the fastest rate of fire of any weapon in the game, and has enough accuracy to be efficient at most ranges.

The Machine Gun also features a rapid fire mode. Pressing the alternate fire button will cause the weapon to empty its entire magazine in a very quick burst.

Map Making Mode Edit

In Map Making Mode, the machine gun's rapid fire mode is replaced by rockets similar to those fired by the murdership. Pressing the alternate fire button will switch between firing rockets and the normal bullets.

The weapon also has a bottomless clip in Map Making Mode.

Strategies Edit

  • The machine gun is an acceptable weapon at every range except for very long and very short.
  • After using rapid fire, you will be unable to attack while you reload. Avoid using it in situations where using it leaves you exposed.