Murder Miners comes with a few game modes, some are work in progress, while some are available.

Zombie SurvivalEdit

Zombie survival is a game mode that is in the works. Users can currently have Max Zombies and teams, with team switching disabled. 


Infection is a game mode in which one player, at random, spawns as a zombie to try and eliminate the other players. The eliminated players return as a zombie, thus Infection. The player with the most points wins (regardless if human vs zombie or zombie vs humans.) If a player who is a zombie eliminates another player that is too a zombie, the attacker will lose points.

If zombies are enabled for an infection game, no players will start out as a zombie. AI zombies will exist instead, and when they kill a player, they turn into a zombie. This can also be mixed with Team Murdermatch.


Murdermatch is a game mode in which players eliminate each other for a certain amount of points. The first one to reach the score limit (except in limitless games) wins.

Team MurdermatchEdit

Team Murdermatch is a game mode in which players are put on two teams (Alpha and Omega) to try and eliminate each other to reach the score limit (except in limitless games). The first one to reach it is the victor.

Murder the FlagEdit

Murder the Flag is a capture the flag game mode in which players on one team (Alpha or Omega) try to capture the other team's flag in order to score. There is an option that the host can alter that enables the flag being back at the base to score. The first team to reach the score limit (except in limitless games) wins.

Map Making ModeEdit

Map Making Mode is a game mode in which players can add blocks (depending on what the host enabled), destroy blocks (depending on again what the host enabled), and even enabled player flight. Some weapons gain an ability, some have an alternate ability specific to this game mode. Players also have limitless grenades. This all depends if the host has certain weapons disabled or enabled.

Future Game ModesEdit

  • Murderball
  • Murdernaught


You can have all game modes on at once, or mix them up!

In the main menu, there is a Maps section. In that section there is map tools and map sharing.

Each game type has its own selection of maps, which you can mix up. For example, you could play Zombie Survival on an Infection map or a Murdermatch map in addition to the Zombie Survival maps.