Battle Rifle
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A render of the Battle Rifle
Selectable at Spawn Yes
Rate of Fire Unknown
Effective Range Medium-Long
Reload Time Unknown
Magazine Size 36
Starting Ammo 90
Maximum Ammo 108
Ammo Regeneration None

The Battle Rifle is an accurate weapon that fires in 3-round bursts.

Pressing the zoom button allows you to use its 1x scope, making it easier to see distant targets.

Map Making Mode Edit

The Battle Rifle has no special abilities in Map Making Mode.


  • It is always good to take advantage of its miniature lock-on system by aiming from the hip at most and not using its scope,since players are likely to try and jump around.
  • It is not ideal against the murdership although your are better killing people on murderbikes since they don't have much cover or armor.
  • It is very effective against infected players and zombies during Infection and Zombie Survival modes since it can kill with one burst to the head.
  • It is highly effective against human players as 3 bursts to the head will kill any player.


  • The Battle Rifle was originally intended to be unlockable with a code.
  • It is one of the only three weapons to be added in an update.
  • The Battle Rifle seems to be based on the Battle Rife from the Halo series. Halo's Battle Rifle also features a scope and fires in three-shot bursts.